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Best Car Detailing Raleigh NC: Your First Choice

Dynamic Details NC, LLC is the first choice for car enthusiasts in Raleigh NC. This team of industry professionals treat your vehicle with the careful pampering and attention you should expect, from an expert auto detailer. The proof is in the auto detailing Raleigh NC residents are raving about: (testimonials, photos and video documentation can be found under the ____ tab above.) Owners, Drew Gay and Evan Cellea, take pride in utilizing the most innovative techniques, executed at the highest industry standard for their clients. Dynamic Details NC, LLC can offers clients a range of detailing options from basic detailing, to enhanced state-of-the-art methods like Ceramic Coating. Each client and vehicles’ needs are assessed, to provide individual specialized services at a level that cannot be matched in the area.

Car Detailing Raleigh NC

That first day, when you drove your car home, do you remember how crisp, clean and fresh every surface of your new vehicle felt and looked? Dynamic Details NC, LLC can bring that feeling back for you. An auto detail Raleigh NC residents can count on, look no further. Our customized Full-Service Detail will give your precious vehicle the TLC it deserves, leaving you to experience of that ‘fresh off the lot’ feeling once again.  Raleigh auto detailing starts at $250, our technicians will tailor the proper services to fit your vehicles’ needs.

Raleigh Car Detailing will never be the same, with the team at Dynamic Details NC, LLC at your service. Schedule a free consultation today with an industry professional that can address your concerns completely.

Full-Service Detail

Customized to the needs of each vehicle, your package will include the appropriate combination of the following:

Disinfecting Steam Clean of ALL Surfaces

Steam cleaning not only kills microbes, bacteria and pathogens, but also loosens dirt and debris for a more thorough cleaning inside and out.

Interior Vacuum & Interior Wipe Down

Our team will meticulously clean your interior surfaces, and preform a deep interior vacuum and freshening, reaching all crevices and visual surfaces.

Luxurious Exterior Foam Wash

The exterior foam wash accomplishes a gentle, but penetrating cleanse of the outer surfaces, loosening grime, grease and organic matter.

Specialized Two Bucket Hand Wash

This specialized step gives every outer surface of your vehicle an intricate cleaning, which is essential for the finishing products to be applied.

Clay Bar Treatment

Removing any remaining contaminates from your vehicle is crucial, but this step will also remove water spots, some etching and light scratches in your paint.

Wheel & Tire thorough Detail & Dressing

Brake dust and grease will be removed, surfaces polished and treated.

12 Month Paint Sealant Protection

Tailored to fit your vehicles’ needs, and level of protection you seek. We offer multiple options in sealants and coatings to protect and help maintain your vehicles beauty.

Ceramic Coating Raleigh NC

Every car enthusiast is in a constant chase for that showroom look, shine and luster for their vehicle. Constant washing, tedious waxing, (which seems to last days not weeks,) and even sealants trying to preserve and showcase the beauty of that outer shell. The technology behind Ceramic Coating makes this a miracle product, and worth every penny for those constantly in this chase. A product, that when applied properly, will yield years of protection and assist in the daily maintenance of your vehicle. It bonds with your cars’ paint, and created a protective surface for dirt, debris, and contaminates to slide right off. Schedule your free consultation today.

Ceramic Coating Service

Customized to the needs of each vehicle, your package will include the appropriate combination of the following:

Full Decontamination Wash

A standard wash is acceptable in most situations, but when the decision is made to invest in Ceramic Coating, we need to go a step further for a more pristine result. A decontamination level of washing will remove pollutants and stubborn organic matter that can be unaffected by typical washing. We use a combination of methods and products to ensure a perfect sterile surface to administer the Ceramic Coating.

Paint Correction

Depending upon the level of Ceramic Coating you choose, (Silver= 2-3years, or Gold= 5-7 years,) paint correction will remove the majority of swirls and scratches.  This correction is essential to preserving your paint job as close to perfection as we can achieve. The Silver level will remove upwards of 70% of swirls and scratches, while the Gold level will achieve an amazing 95% and higher removal.

Ceramic Coat Application

Our technicians are extremely educated on the using the best products for your vehicle. The Silver level will receive an application of 3H Ceramic Coating, while the Gold level will receive two layers of 9H and an additional layer of 3H. (Ask your Dynamic Details NC, LLC professional for more information about choosing the proper level of protection for your vehicle.) Majestic Solution’s SHEILD product is our preferred Ceramic Coating, and gives every vehicle that luster and protection it deserves.

Complimentary Windshield Coating

Did you know that you can Ceramic Coat glass and even tire rims? We provide a complimentary Ceramic Coating of your windshield, because we know how valuable your business is, and how much you will love the extra TLC. Talk to your technician about adding on additional surfaces.

Car Detail Raleigh NC Can Trust

Looking for automobile detailing Raleigh NC residents can count on? Look no further than the auto detailing Raleigh car enthusiasts trust and rely on for expertise, and amazing service every time.

Dynamic Details NC, LLC provides automobile detailing Raleigh NC residents can trust. Offering basic packages, to meet intrinsic detailing needs, or high-end coatings to increase the longevity of your cars’ beauty. For fair priced, skilled car detailing Raleigh residents turn to this expert team for an honest opinion and cutting-edge industry knowledge. Depending on your needs, the technicians at Dynamic Details NC, LLC can recommend various services inside and out to fit any budget, while still focusing on what your car needs. If your car can’t benefit from a service, then we won’t recommend it. Plain and simple. Our specialists would not recommend a service unless it fits your assessment needs, and we stand behind our recommendations. Let’s make a plan today, to prioritize your vehicle and give you the pristine look you desire.

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